Library's Acronym and Term Games

Event Type: Workshop
Date: 6/28/2018
Start Time: 10:00 AM
End Time: 11:00 AM
 The Staff Development and Training Committee invite all of you to an ambitious project: The first Library's Acronym and Term Games! It will be held June 28th from 10 am to 11 am in room 106.

The Library, not surprisingly, gathers words and terms at vast rate. Not just in our print holdings or electronic resources, but in the very technical jargon and lingo we use to communicate with each other. Getting up to speed is an imposing task for newcomers to our Library. Unfamiliar terms cause communication breakdowns between units.

Have you heard confusion about if muffheads (MFHD) were some sort of fashion choice? Or perhaps yourself thought an Accession Number sounded suspiciously like something from one of your Dungeons and Dragons campaign? Wondered what the heck is LEITC?

Here's how it works:

Right now we're working on a variant of Dictionary / Balderdash / Fictionary. We'll have multiple tables set up and volunteers to teach people the game as well as have rules. There also will be prizes for the person at each table who scores the most points! (What fabulous treasures from the Dollar Tree might you end up possessing? You'll only know if you come!).

What we need help with :

Send me ( some library acronyms or terms with definitions by 8:30 am Monday the 25th. (Excel with a term/acronym in one column should work, but I can work with other formats too). Don't worry if you can't make the event or the game doesn't sound appealing. Sending terms and acronyms doesn't commit you to anything aside from the definitions may be used in the game and in Library documentation.

Here's what we'll get out of it:


We'll also compile the various words and definitions into a dictionary on the Wiki. Some of the funny answers folks came up with will be included for those of you who already have mastery of the full breadth and depth of Librarianship but are looking for a bit of humor to lighten up your day

I hope you'll all participate,
Library: University Library - Staff Events
Location: Library 106
Status: Closed